Do donors give so they can see their name on a plaque?

More than likely, donors don’t make gifts to see their name in writing. However, naming opportunities do make donors feel valued. And sometimes donors will give more to a specific space because it has a special meaning to them.

When considering a charitable contribution, ask about naming recognition. Most organizations have options available at various giving levels and enjoy celebrating a donor’s gift this way. Physical recognition also offers visibility to other potential donors, and this can add value to your giving conversation.

For more established non-profits, permanent recognition can offer a challenge as physical spaces require upkeep and sometimes complete reconstruction. As a donor, you must be aware that with progress, naming opportunities may need to be moved, or you may be asked for additional support to upgrade facilities.

If a donor is not able or willing to continue to support an organization, it is imperative for an to create appropriate recognition that supports the past relationships and makes way for future donor support.

Bottom line, it is critical that while discussing naming opportunities with a donor, an organization is clear on its recognition policies and potential modifications should renovations be needed.

In the end, if a donor is passionate about a cause or a specific organization, he or she will give because they believe in the need and the impact it will have.

Ashley Pratka is a Charitable Giving Advisor and Philanthropy Executive with the Pratka Philanthropy Group