You need to replace a critical position to keep your operation running smoothly or you have created a new job and are eager to fill the position.  You are stretched to the limit, so you call on your most trusted staff to fill in the gap.  Organization growth is an exciting time but new positions evolve and expectations change.  As you search for that perfect candidate, have you considered the additional responsibilities placed on that individual all the while as the work to achieve success in the job they were hired to do?

Often a search for that perfect candidate can take longer than expected, placing a strain on existing staff.  Ashley offers her non-profit leadership experience providing temporary placement until the permanent position is recruited.

Regardless of the size of the organization, fundraising plays an integral role in its financial bottom line.  Therefore, it is essential for an organization’s fundraising staff to remain intact and functioning.

More often than not, when an active search is taking place organizational leadership turns to its top performers to take on additional job responsibilities until a permanent replacement is identified.  Organizations risk losing their top performers during this process!  Consider what you are asking of these individuals, taking on additional responsibilities at no additional cost.  All the while they learn they are up for the challenge or perhaps they are strained and choose to leave your organization. Strategic organizations recognize their staff for their merits and do not overextend them. If not, they risk replacing additional employees.  Staff recruitment can be costly to an organization.

Ashley offers a unique perspective to non-profit organizations providing counsel on a temporary basis in various aspects of an organization’s fundraising operation. Her experience ranges from annual to transformational giving and the crucial services needed to raise funds from grant writing to gift acknowledgment.  She spent the majority of her career involved in campaigns and is an advocate of relationship management.  Read here to learn more about Ashley’s background.

As an ad-interim advancement executive, Ashley is available to serve your organization based on specific needs while you complete your permanent search.  She is also available to assist in the search process.