What’s in a Name?

Do donors give so they can see their name on a plaque? More than likely, donors don’t make gifts to see their name in writing. However, naming opportunities do make donors feel valued. And sometimes donors will give more to a specific space because it has a special meaning to them. When considering a charitable … Continue reading What’s in a Name?

How…Why & When do you give?

How much thought do you put into your charitable giving? People give online for reasons of convenience, especially at the end of the year and during large-scale disasters.

Cost per dollar (CDP)

Non-profits work tirelessly to be good stewards of donor funds.  Each organization not only is working to spread it's mission to donors in hopes of retaining funds, but they are also evaluating the non-profit landscape to see who is giving where.  It is only fitting for an organization to want YOU to contribute to their cause, but how much do they spend on fundraising?