Whether you have an established foundation or are looking to create a lasting impact, there are always questions to consider.  Let’s address that later.

For many, perhaps your generosity began with a purchase of a table to a gala or other special event. Was it a favor to a friend? Maybe you developed a passion for the organization while attending an event. The non-profit certainly hopes so. Nonetheless, you have now become one of their constituents and if they are doing their job correctly, they will reach out and cultivate a relationship with you.  Fast forward to the major gift that your school or the museum you frequent or perhaps a healthcare institution asks you for a major gift. You keep your cool, but you walk away from the meeting and say to yourself  “What are they thinking, there is no way I can make a gift of that size!”

Ashley Pratka serves as a Charitable Gift Advisor to guide a potential donor through the decision making process.

Believe it or not, there are many factors taken into consideration before asking for that gift. However, in fairness to you the philanthropist there are factors to consider on your end.

Ashley uses her extensive knowledge of working as a non-profit fundraiser to help individuals and families understand the process and develop a giving plan that best suits their lifestyle.

PPG strives to help its clients accomplish by defining a charitable mission and then identifying which non-profits to support.  It is an organization that collaborates with legal and financial advisors to maximize a family’s philanthropic impact.