Many of us think we are not in a position to help others or perhaps we just have not considered it.  Consider this, anyone can make a difference with time, talents and resources…you only have to want to…

We live in a global society, and with technology, everything is at our fingertips. Have you ever stopped to think about what goes on beyond your community?  For the sake of definition, define community as your life…your routine.  You have family and friends, and your children go to school.  You shop for groceries, usually at your “local” markets, and you go somewhere to worship.

People all around the world do this, but have you ever considered that nearly 1/2 the world’s population lives in poverty?  Merriam-Webster defines poverty as the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions.  To be fair, there are many studies that analyze global poverty  – the definition and the percentage of people.  Everything from billions of people to hundreds of millions and they are living on $2.25 – $1.25 a day.  These are numbers, and they are immense and staggering by all accounts.

The fact is poverty is poverty and wherever you live it is just a few miles away and only a short distance from what you consider your community and where most of us live.